Durian Black Gold Means Experiencing Premium Taste

Durian Black Gold

When the durian season is upon, there is no better way for enjoying the fruit’s king rather than just cracking open the thorny shell. Generally, for revealing the fleshy, bright yellow fruit. These days, fortunately, are no longer meant to travel far to other southeast Asia’s parts to get the durians as tastiest one. Malaysia is among the most famous durian exporters, and credit goes to its well-cultivated durians. Usually, it has pungent fruit varieties of approximately 100. Among so many durians, the question arises here to know the popular one along do a person can pick up the freshest durian? The answer is the durian black gold, which is a more premium and enhanced version of the durians of Mao Shan Wang.


⦁ Availability- This durian species is highly sought and well-loved by many. Since this durian is cultivated exclusively, its availability is only in quantities as seasonal. Only a handful of the perfect durians are being picked by professionals, which makes such kind of durian a cut chiefly above the rest.
⦁ Appearance- This species of durian should have seams of dark greyish green on the durian husks. This is simply the nature durian tree sign which is now capable of bitter, delicious, and complex taste production.
⦁ Taste- Generally, it is dubbed as the durian’s emperor as one can expect an experience of whole new mind-blowing while trying out this species. This premium durian features succulent and thick flesh along with the liquor’s intense flavor.

durian black gold

Consider when buying

⦁ Smell- Along the split lines or seams of durian just sniff then, there should be a slight fragrance. The durian might be unripe then there is no aroma. Meanwhile, the durian is overripe if there is the too strong aroma.
⦁ Taste- While prodding or pinching the fruit, a person failed to touch the flesh as the skin remains untouched. Thus, there is no way for telling whether the fruit is right or not, and that’s why instead taste it.
⦁ Shape- The perfect durians are slightly oblong or oval, but the odd shape is likely to have inside fewer chambers and so flesh-covered seeds as fewer.


It can be concluded that sought after by several durian lovers, but the durian black gold is specifically cultivated in the Pahang region’s private plantations. Mainly, for producing the notes as strong bitter that complements the rich durian flesh’s sweetness.