Give Your Commercial Kitchen The Best Touch of Modernity

commercial kitchen design

An essential cooking collection will be needed in the commercial kitchen to begin, like a stove, oven, and microwave. The commercial kitchen will necessitate items like a gastro norm pot, hot plate dispenser, warm cupboard, server units, serving trolleys and trays, and a storeroom made of stainless steel. Depending on its size, a freezer or a small liquid storage refrigerator might be installed in the dark kitchen restaurant.

dark kitchen restaurant

Priority should be accorded to safety and security.

While the trained staff is necessary for a functional kitchen, many utensils are also required, and equipment can be rushed during mealtime. Additional precautions should be made to keep the restaurant kitchen safe for people working there and to reduce the likelihood of accidents. The rooms should be well-lit from top to bottom, and food should be stored in strategically placed spots. Equipment should never be left on the kitchen floor since it could cause someone to trip or fall. If there is a chance of a spill, use a non-slip mat on the floor instead of regular carpeting. Due to many cooktops in the restaurant kitchen, fire extinguishers should be placed around the space regularly, and kitchen staff should be instructed on how to use them. An apron, mittens, and any other necessary safety equipment should be provided to all employees.

Hygiene in the Marination Process is Critical

It’s tough to maintain adequate hygiene in a commercial kitchen unless there are specific processes in place. Dry and wet components should be stored separately to prevent cross-contamination. Before beginning the cooking process, ensure all equipment is clean and sweep the kitchen floors and counters well. The dishwasher and sink should be kept separate from the catering oven to avoid cross-contamination. Kit made of stainless steel is the easiest to clean and maintain for long-term health. After each use, make sure to wash the tablecloths and napkins thoroughly. Throwaway mitts should be used by waiters and chefs who handle food to prevent contamination.

The entire room should be refreshed, and a chimney hood should be installed above the stove. Keeping the kitchen and restaurant employees clean individually is as crucial as maintaining cleanliness in the existing tools. The restaurant’s Health Executive or the local health authority sets the norm for all security and hygiene measures.

Turnkey kitchen projects are a well-known brand in the commercial kitchen equipment market, specializing in grill Cooking. This apparatus is employed to cook a turkey over an open fire inside a confined space. It’s created with just the finest materials. A commercial kitchen design would lack the necessary equipment to accommodate cooking methods of all kinds.