Learn How to Bake Heart Cakes for Birthday

Birthdays are no more birthdays without a cake and a candle. Birthdays seem incomplete if the cake has not been smashed on one’s face. Everyone just loves cake and not only these people even love fighting for the last piece of the cake. How amazing it would be if you can bake your own cake and have it whenever you wish to.

How to bake a cake?

To fulfil our tummy’s call for a delicious cake lets learn how to bake a cake at home-

  • Purchase ingredients like unsalted butter, sugar, salt, vanilla essence, egg if you want to bake a cake with egg and purpose flour. You may not even have to purchase as these ingredients are mostly available in one’s house
  • Till you grease the utensil using butter till then keep the oven for preheating
  • Put butter and sugar together in a bowl and mix them gently till they form a creamy layer
  • Add egg to the creamy layer that has been formed and consider beating the egg
  • With the help of a spatula neatly put the mixture into the bowl
  • Then put the cake in the oven for around 1 hr
  • Finally, the cake is ready and now you can eat the cake
  • If you want icing on the cake then you can do that too

There are so many types of cakes available today out in the market be it vanilla cake, chocolate cake, two tier cake, square-shaped cake, etc. But people just love heart cake. People love baking and ordering heart cake for anniversaries, wedding parties and valentines’ day. So why not buy or bake heart cakes for birthdays also.

How to Bake Heart Cakes

How to bake a heart cake without a utensil?

Follow these steps to learn how to make heart cake for a birthday without a heart-shaped utensil-

  • Using the process stated above bake two sets of cake. Use a round utensil to bake one round shaped cake. Use square utensils to bake a square shaped cake
  • After baking two cakes keep them aside for cooling after you have removed them from the utensils
  • The third step is to cut the round shaped cake into two equal halves
  • Put the square shaped cake in between and to its each side place the two halves of circle cake
  • Perform icing on the cake and after that, you will be able to see a complete perfect heart
  • The last step is to decorate the cake with some chocolate, wafers, sugar, coffee or any way you want to