What is the difference between pita bread and regular bread?

Pita bread is a common ingredient in many the Middle East and Mediterranean cuisines around the world. Pita is originated from the Greek word and means pie. It has low sodium content than normal bread. On the other hand, regular bread is made from cooked dough flour with water and a few other ingredients. 

Why is pita bread different?

Flatbreads like naan and pita are similar, but they’re not the same. The pita bread typically contains yeast, sugar, flour, salt, etc., whereas Naan bread includes many of the same ingredients and eggs, cheese, and yogurt. These various ingredients contribute to their distinct texture and flavor. 

Differences between regular bread and pita bread?

Regular bread 

You will receive different nutritional values depending on whether you eat white or whole wheat bread. On the other hand, regular bread is not significantly healthier than pita bread, as it outperforms pita bread in some nutritional areas.

Four grams of carbs per 60 grams slice of whole wheat bread, nearly four times as much as pita bread. Whole wheat bread also has fewer carbs, with a 60-gram slice containing only about 28 g versus 33 g. for the same serving of pita bread.

Pita Bread

In terms of pita bread’s nutritional value, the results are mixed. The nutritional value of pita bread includes both healthy and unhealthy aspects.

One hundred sixty-five calories are contained in one large pita of 60 grams. While this may not appear to be a large amount, keep in mind that adding filling and sauce to the entire pita sandwich will increase the calorie count. Only 1 gram of fat is present in the same serving of pita bread. 

Amazing benefits of pita bread-

  • Pita bread has a low-calorie count, making it ideal for weight loss.
  • Carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals are abundant in this food.
  • Pita bread can help lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Whole Grain Pita Bread contains a high amount of fiber, which helps with digestion.
  • Pita bread made from sprouted whole grains has been shown to lower blood sugar levels compared to other brain foods.
  • It’s a filling meal that won’t leave you starving.

Sandwiches can be made with regular bread, which is a healthier option. While the salt content of both pita and regular bread is concerning, regular bread has less waist-busting carbs per serving and more fiber, which is beneficial for bowel movements, among other things. If you’re making a sandwich, use whole wheat instead of white bread.